Coffee Maker / Espresso Coffee Machine


One of the most important factors for perfect coffee taste is water. Quality of water is also important to prolong coffee machines lifetime.

To achieve adequate water parameters to ensure the desired result, use water treatment. Thanks to cooperation between specialists of water filtration and coffee maker experts, a special product – BLUE LINE 160 was invented.




Quality water improvement

  • removes Calcium and Magnesium compounds – preventing the sediment of limescale which can damage devices or cause worse drink quality
  • ensures constant quality of filtered water during all its lifetime 5-7° dh – ideal to receive perfect crema and aroma
  • improving drinks quality
  • doesn’t require of using water mixer/bypass


  • Increases device’s lifetime
  • protect the equipment from limescale
  • Lower costs of servicing
  • Grater efficiency

Easy Maintenance

  • Quick and easy installation and using
  • Safe and easy replacement



Water Purification