General Terms & Conditions


    • Below described General Terms and Conditions for Sale and Supply, has been prepared by ‚Mijar Water Treatment’ (hereinafter ‚Seller’) with accordance to applicable International Trade laws.
    • These conditions shall be governed by the laws of Poland and the Buyer agrees to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction or Polish Courts.
    • Retail prices, figuring in the Seller’s (‚ Mijar Water Treatment’) Catalogues and Price Lists are net prices. The stated prices are exclusive of any applicable VAT, which the Buyer shall additionally pay to the Seller.
    • Retail net prices presented by ‚Mijar Water Treatment’ (‚Seller’) are understood as net locoChorzów or Ex Works (in accordance with INCOTERMS 2000) are exclusive of any shipment costs.
    • The currency of retail net prices of the devices offered by the Seller (‚Mijar Water Treatment’) is Euro. All transactions made between Seller and Buyer should be made in Euro.
    • Prices do not include taxes, transport charges, insurance, export charges or other duties or levies. These expenses are covered by the Buyer.
    • The Seller (‚Mijar Water Treatment’) reserves the rights to change the retail prices.
    • By submitting an order to the Seller, the Buyer agrees to the subject of these Terms and Conditions. All of the orders placed by the Buyer shall be confirmed in writing by the Seller.
    • The payments for the orders made by the Buyer should be made 100% in advance.
    • Payments are based on the proforma invoice, issued by the Seller (‚Mijar Water Treatment’) and sent to the Buyer.
    • The payment should be transferred directly to the Seller’s account, indicated on the invoice.
    • After receiving bank transfer to Seller’s (‚Mijar Water Treatment’) account, the Invoice is issued and sent by post to the Buyer. The electronic copy of the Invoice may be sent to the Buyer upon Buyer’s request.
    • The goods ordered by the Buyer will be shipped by the Seller (‚Mijar Water Treatment’) within 21 days from receiving the payment made by Buyer. The time of delivery time may be elongated, subject to unpredicted occurrences of Force Majeure.
    • The buyer is obliged to verify the goods during collection of delivery. The condition of the delivered goods should be inspected in a presence of carrier and applicable comments should be signed in the shipping documents. The Buyer is obliged to make a claim to the carrier in case of any damages of ordered goods, caused by incorrect transportation.
    • Delivery time shall be calculated from the date of receiving the payment and with the agreement of all necessary technical and shipment details.
    • If the transport company is assigned by Buyer to pick up the order, the risk of transport and damages rests on the Buyer’s side (with accordance to Ex Works INCOTERMS 2000).
    • The devices are shipped on pallets to prevent transport damages.
    • A single pallet can fit approximately 18 devices, depending on the ordered model of devices.
    • As standard the devices are packed in cardboard boxes, which have Sellers ( ‚Mijar Water Treatment’) logo, contact details, address and the description of device imprinted.
    • The Seller (‚Mijar Water Treatment’) guarantees that the goods delivered to the Buyer are free from material and manufacture defects, and are characterized by the properties described by the manufacturer.
    • The warranty is issued by the Seller (‚Mijar Water Treatment’) for the period of 12 months.
    • The warranty is issued only when the devices are operated with accordance to the proper user instructions manual. The warranty expires if the devices are not operated properly. The Seller is not responsible for the damages caused by improper storing of the device and weather conditions.
    • The Seller (‚Mijar Water Treatment’) has right to inspect the devices reported under warranty.
    • The Seller (‚Mijar Water Treatment’) is not liable for damages resulting from improper installation, maintenance or operation of the device. Any damage that will be the result, in this case, is not the fault of the manufacturer.
    • The installation location of the device must be secured from any damage caused by water (e.g. by the existing floor drain). The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage caused by water.
    • The warranty for the repaired or replaced device is elongated for the established period of warranty, applicable from the date of repair or replacement of the damaged unit or its part.
    • The Buyer is not entitled to withhold further payments during warranty claim. The payment for further orders can not be offset against warranty claim value. Further precluded warranty claims include the replacement of the device or its part due to consequent damage, or direct and indirect damages caused by the third party.
    • The warranty does not cover any damages caused by device failure.
    • Transport cost are to be covered by Buyer. The transport cost is not subject to warranty.
    • Improper installation of the device
    • Mechanical damage
    • Damage resulting from improper use, maintenance and storage
    • By letting the device to freeze
    • Use with water exceeding the Max inlet water temperature and pressure
    • Failure to comply with manuals of Devices

Download: General Terms & Conditions – pdf