Ice Cube Maker

The most important think for Ice cube makers is the quality of received products. For crystal clear ice cubes, it is necessary to apply the appropriate filtering system.

Solution in such case is Cube Line filter. Specially designed water treatment filter by four treating process ensures unique features and delicious taste keeping necessary minerals in water.
Cube Line filter protects Ice cube makers from limescale, and bacteries.


The Four-level water purification precess involves:

  • sediment removal
  • build-in scale inhibitor
  • chlorine taste and odore reduction
  • anti bacteria formula

Filter Cube Line is connected to watering system with some push-in terminals. The replacing of exhausted filter is very simple. The filter is removed once and the new one is placed with no additional tools required.

The main advantage of the Cube Line series is long life for its small dimensions. Moreover its low price makes the system very economical in operation.


Water Purification
Cube Line