MVEAUTOMATICMVE-AUTOMATIC was designed for total water desalination (demineralization) and they are perfect for glass and cutlery washers.

The device consists of two columns responsible for water desalination, both columns are automaticlly regenerated one after the other, after the resin is exhausted. Factor in regenerating are liquids A60 and B60. The liquid A60 is used to tegenerate the first column and the liquid B60 is used to regenerate the second column. After exhousting the capacity of desalination resin system drows in each of liquid, washes the resin and flushes out all the accumulated compounds to sewage. By the regeneration both containers with liquids are consumed. After regeneration device is ready for water desalination. Regenerated resin guarantees identical water quality as with the new resin applied and it may be regenerated thousand times.

Before starting the device must be programmed. Programming is to introduce of the relevant water parameters (salinity or general water hardness GH) and the most appropriate time of regeneration.