Water Desalination

Greater cleaning efficiency
Perfect brilliance without manual polishing

Water Desalination

DESALINATED WATER – perfect for glassware and cutlery washing

During rinsing, scalding out and drying process salts and minerals precipitate from hard water. They may occur as spots and smudges especially on glass, china and cutlery, therefore water used for glass and cutlery washing and rinsing has to be the best quality. Only desalinated/partially desalinated water used for dishwashing gives shiny glassware without stains , clean and bright cutlery which show high quality of service.

Desalinated Water Profits
Water desalination profits:

  • crystal clear glasses;
  • brilliant cutlery;
  • less glass breakage;
  • no manual polishing
  • decreased servicing costs;
  • improved energy efficiency;
  • elongated devices lifespan;
  • stronger detergents action – even stains difficult to remove are no longer a problem;
  • reduced detergents consumption by 40 – 60% and rinse aid by 70%;
  • effective device protection from all sediments caused by steam or hot water;