MTE – Partial Desalinators

Perfect brilliance without manual polishing!


Partial Desalinators

While using demineralized water ( desalted) you’ll gain perfectly clear surface of glass and cuterly. Part desalination is a very effective method of conditioning water for combi steamers, as not only calcium and magnesiu

m compounds are removed but also other salts causing sediment on the steamer front glass.

Part desalination is more cost effective process in exploitation than full desalination. Instead of replacing the resin cartridge, it can be regenerated by a regeneration valve. It is used for desalinating water which contains mainly carbonate compounds responsible for creating sediments. Part desalination can only be used within specified parameters of supplied water, hence the necessity of examining it to make sure that part desalination will be effective.


MTE EXReplacement of exhausted resin model MTE

When the resin deposit is exhausted, the resin must be replaced with new one. To replace the resin in MTE the service staff should unscrew the tio head and spill the old resin out. The empty tank should be poured with new resin. It is recommended to use a funnel to make the pouring easier. Next step is  to twist the head again to the tank. Thanks to the resin replacement the device recovers full efficiency. The only cost is purchasing new resin.


Replacement of all MTE with new one

When the resin deposit is exhausted the service staff may basically replace all device MTE with a new one. To do that it is necessary to unplug the device from water inlet and next from device’s water outlet. Next step is replace with new device installing to water outlet and inlet back. All device MTE is to be thrown away with exhausted resin to the waste. The cost is to bear now is the purchase of new MTE device.




Technical Parameters

 MODEL MTE 817 MTE 1017 Water Meter Digi Flow Regeneration Valve type: CI
NOMINAL FLOW RATE [L/MIN]  0 -15 0 – 25 1,7 – 14,5 0 – 102
SYSTEM CAPACITY* FOR 10o/DH (GH)  8000  13600 – – – – – –
OPERATING PRESSURE [BAR]  0,5 – 6,0  0,5 – 6,0 0,5 – 6,0 0,5 – 6,0
WEIGHT [KG]  10,2 15,3 0,16 2,5
CONNECTIONS [INCH]  1″  3/4″  1″  3/4″ 1″  3/4″ 1″  3/4″
RESIN  REPLACEMENT PRICE [EUR]  205,00  328,00 – – – – – –
PRICE FOR SYSTEM [EUR]  364,00  494,00 54,00 598,00