Water Purification

Better taste of tea and coffee

Water purification systems are used in restaurants and hotels to get high quality water to prepare coffee and tea. It improves the taste of tea and coffee but also protects hot water boilers dispensers and coffee machines from limescale sediment. Clear, treated water will bring out the distinctive aroma and flavor of coffee and allows to gain a cup of crystal clear tea by preventing the unappetizing layer on its surface.

Our filters provide:

  • removal of mechanical impurities,
  • corrosion protection to all metal parts of the device,
  • limescale prevention
  • improvement of organoleptic quality of the water by removing chlorine, organic compounds and other substances which may affect on the water quality and flavor,
  • removal of heavy metals,
  • microbiological safety of water.

Applicable for:

  • coffee machines
  • beverages vending machines
  • hot water dispensers
  • kettles